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staff share their
own Y stories

We believe that our dedicated and talented people make the Y a very special place to belong. Everyone who works here has a Y story that gives a little insight into what makes our branch tick.

You might notice our staff people wearing our "Ask Me Why.." button, and we hope that you'll do just that. We're excited to tell you how the Y has shaped our lives and careers, and we're hopeful you'll want to share your own Y story with us!

Mike B.

"I'm making connections," explains Mike B., a supervisor at Toby Wells. "I wanted to branch out and get to know the community, and what better way to do that than working at the Y?" Mike just graduated from SDSU with a degree in Criminal Justice. "The best thing has been getting to know the members and being able to go to school with support from not only the staff, but members, too. They'd come in and say, 'You're almost there!' I'm prior military, too, and a lot of our members are in the military and law enforcement, so I have a connection with them."

Alessandra k.

Passing through the Welcome Center at Mission Valley, you are likely to come across a smiling Alessandra K., or “Ale” as she prefers to be called. When she’s not helping members at our branch, she’s providing respite care or working with high schoolers in the Teens in Motion Program through the Y’s Childcare Resource Services unit. “It’s an after-school program for kids with disabilities,” she explains. “They want to hang out with their friends… they want to have that experience. It’s really fun, and in the summer, we go to the beach, the pool, the zoo. It’s an amazing, beautiful program.”

For her, the Y is “a nice place to be yourself. I really like the people, and there is a lot of social help, which I’m really into.”

This busy USD graduate is applying for a master’s degree in physical/occupational therapy and, when she’s not working for the Y, she’s gathering support for Echo+, the nonprofit organization she founded that is currently providing sanitary kits for clean water to the children in her native Peru.

Andrew F.

"The Y offers something I didn't have when I was growing up," says Andrew F. "My neighborhood was fairly rough, and we had to travel a couple of cities away for sports and after-school programs. The Y benefits kids in the community in a way I didn't have.