Fitness Playground

The Fitness Playground will be an outdoor space designed for the whole family to have fun, play and engage in physical activity together. It will consist of a combination of open grass areas, cutting edge play equipment and climbables, fitness stations, and a basketball area.

The space will be available to members throughout the day as well as to our youth and family programs during scheduled times. It will also serve as the main gathering place for branch events, including the Member Appreciation BBQ, Healthy Kids Day, Adventure Clubs Day and many of our future FamilyTime events. The layout will include stations centered around active play and exercise.

"A young boy named Holden had always been a very shy and unmotivated child in the world of sports. At first, he would sit against the wall during Sports Development, afraid to play because he felt that he wasn’t good enough at the sport of the week. Then football came around. A Sports Staff was able to convince Holden to give throwing the ball a try. With the proper coaching and extra encouragement, Holden surprised himself on how good he could throw a football. He was stoked to play football for the rest of the week and his interest in sports has grown in a big way."

- YMCA Sports Staff

Leaving a Legacy

Donors who give leadership gifts of $25,000 or more have the opportunity to name parts of the facility, a room or an area on their behalf or in honor/memory of another. Please contact [email protected] or (858) 453-3483 if you're interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

Gift Range: $1,000,000+Gift Range: $500,000+Gift Range: $250,000+
  • Youth Development Center
  • Lobby Welcome Center
  • Family Recreation Pool
  • Gymnastics Center
  • Fitness Playground
  • Lap Pool
  • Water Spray Park
  • Youth Multipurpose Studio
Gift Range: $100,000+Gift Range: $75,000+Gift Range: $50,000+
  • Intergenerational Center
  • Nutrition Kitchen
  • Cycling Studio
  • Outdoor Wellness Terrace
  • Central Courtyard
  • Afterschool Classroom
  • Administrative Center
  • Preschool Classrooms (3)
  • Locker Rooms (3)
Gift Range: $25,000

  • Recreation Pool Lanes (4)
  • Lap Pool Lanes (16)
  • Massage Room
  • Elevator
  • Program/Administrative Offices (16)