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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to become a fan of the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA official Facebook page?

We are making every effort to improve ways we can communicate with our advocates, donors, members, program participants, and volunteers. If word of mouth is the best way to get the word out, we are finding Facebook is not far behind when we need to let you know something in real time.

What happens if I do not have a need to follow your Facebook page?

You can opt out at any time by clicking UNLIKE on our official Facebook page.

Can I get some idea of how you are using this Facebook page?

Any updates to our Jackie Robinson Family YMCA Website will post on our official Facebook page. This will include all notifications for our TAKE FIVE Tickets for Kids Distribution Program (San Diego County Fair, San Diego Padres, San Diego State Aztecs, Mainly Mozart, The Old Globe, etc.), YMCA program information, volunteer opportunities, and the Executive Decisions blog, by Executive Director Michael Brunker.

Can I still get messages by email?

Yes, but we are finding that even though our email delivery rates are over 99%, on a good send only 20% are opening our email messages. Facebook helps us with the "last minute" communication needs and the cost savings from making phone calls or sending U.S. mail is critical to our YMCA.

I don't use Facebook. I don't have email. I don't have a computer. Can you help?

Our team can help you set up email and Facebook accounts in the Cox Tech Center at the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA. We realize that the use of both is a personal choice and we will never do more than advocate for you to consider using the amazing technology that is available to all today, connecting our under-served community with friends and families all over the world.