Youth & Government

Youth & Government
High School Leadership Program

Grades 9 - 12

A statewide youth educational program involving more than 2,300 high school sophomores, juniors and seniors in a nine month "hands on" experience. Since its inception, the program has used a variety of activities to build, encourage, and strengthen those life assets and character traits that will help high school youth become involved responsible adults who are decent and respected citizens.

The tool used is a high quality experiential and educational simulation based upon California's state government. The program is very comprehensive, and its impact on the youth participants is dramatic. The core purpose of this highly regarded program is exemplified in the motto "Democracy Must Be Learned By Each Generation."

The program begins in September when 2,300 young people and 250 volunteers at approximately 80 locations throughout the state meet as individual delegations to discuss issues facing California. During a nine month period, the teen delegates write bills, select governmental positions to role-play, attend statewide training conferences, and run for various elected offices.

The program reaches its peak in Sacramento at the State Capitol with the convening of the five day Model Legislature and Court each February. There, "real" government moves over and the teen delegates "take over," using the historic halls, chambers, and offices of our State Capitol, Supreme Court, and Governor's Office.

9th - 12th grade

Tuesdays | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

For more information please contact, Chad Matkowski, 760.942.9622 ext. 1025.