Model United Nations

Model United Nations
Teen Leadership Program

6th - 8th grade

Thursday, JANUARY 5TH, 2017
6:00 pm to 7:00pm in the Youth Center

Weekly meetings from December 15th to May at 6PM to 7PM.

In MUN Ambassadors will

- Learn about the world

- Research and debate

- Establish policies and treaties
about international issues

- Make new friends throughout California

- Attend two statewide conferences

The California YMCA Youth & Government Model United Nations program is a simulation of the “real-life” United Nations Assembly. Participants in Model United Nations (MUN) will take part in some of the activities that the real U.N. participates in. Delegates will research, debate and establish policies, treaties and resolutions focusing on international issues, including disputes between countries, peace-keeping responsibilities, border crisis, stabilizing financial markets and dealing with hunger, disease and poverty.

Delegations are assigned one or more countries (depending on the number of delegates) that they will represent, and the delegates will research the countries and come to the MUN as delegates from those countries. Delegates can be a part of one of several organizations that make up the U.N., including the General Assembly, Security Council, International Court of Justice, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and an international press delegation. The roles in these different “organs” of MUN are described in more detail later.

Delegates also participate in caucuses which represent different areas of the world: The African States, Asian States, Latin American and Caribbean States, and the Western European and Other States. Delegates will write, debate and vote on resolutions in the GA, and also participate in one of the organs, either hearing memorials (court cases), dealing with issues of human rights, writing newspaper articles, or settling border or territorial disputes. Delegates will be faced with some “crisis” issues that they will be asked to resolve as well.