The Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA offers private and semiprivate Pilates Apparatus training. Pilates Studio Training goes beyond the classroom with personal instruction, guidance and adjustments using proven
techniques and equipment.

Our YMCA Pilates trainers are experts in their field. They are skilled at evaluating clients and designing effective workouts to meet fitness goals in a safe and reliable manner.

Contact Carolyn Mack, the Pilates Coordinator at
(760) 942-9622, ext. 12513 with questions. To make an appointment with one of our trainers, call the Pilates hotline at ext. 1811.

Pilates Training

Pilates is one of the hottest trends in exercise today. We offer private and semiprivate Pilates Studio training seven days a week with certified private trainers who are well versed in a variety of Pilates methods. Our Studio features a variety of equipment including Reformers and a Cadillac.

Pilates training lengthens and strengthens your muscles, especially the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. It relieves tension, improves posture, and helps protect against injuries. Elite athletes use it to improve performance. Fragile people use it to build strength and stability. Injured people use it for rehabilitation. Fit people use it to achieve that long, lean look and to flatten their abs.

Pilates is the method of training chosen by most major dance companies. It has also been incorporated into the training programs of many professional sports teams such as the NFL and PGA, as well as the U.S. Swim and Ski Teams because it improves athletic performance and reduces risk of injury.

With Pilates Studio Training you will:

  • Build strength without bulk
  • Increase flexibility
  • Develop strong abdominals, slender thighs, and a strong back
  • Use equipment specially designed to enhance the
    results of each movement
  • Benefit from undivided attention, detailed instruction, and expert guidance.

Get Started Today

Participants must be age 13 years and older. Parental consent is required for participants ages 13-17 years.

Medical clearance may be required for those with recent chronic health matters. Please consult with the fitness staff prior to your appointment to determine if a clearance is needed. Click here for medical release forms.

Please purchase sessions at the Courtesy Counter or Front Desk and bring the receipt to your trainer. For more information and to get started, contact:

Angela Hunter, Group Fitness Director
760.942.9622, ext. 12576