Gravity Training

GLIDE Training Program

Glide training systems maximize efficiency, time and effect of your work outs. Glide delivers a complete combination of strength, flexibility in a 40 minute small group setting.

Glide is a cable pulley system with a rolling glide board that has calibrated levels of incline. This unique system puts body weight against gravity for resistance that provides intensity, depending on your ability.


  • Increases muscular strength and flexibility,
  • Increased power, balance and endurance.
  • Enhanced core strength
  • Full body work out in just 40 minutes
  • All fitness levels welcome
  • All classes are 40 minutes and held in the west lobby.

Small-group training classes (40 minutes) are held in the west lobby.

Small Group 40 minute classes

Single sessions: $24 for members
10 sessions: $195 for members
20 sessions: $317 for members

Private Sessions 55 minute classes
$45 - $63 (depending on amount purchased)

Purchase sessions at the registration desk.

Sign up for classes at the Strength Training Center Desk.

Click here for schedule of classes.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Mack at 760.942.9622, ext. 1023.