Water Fitness

Please see the Water Exercise Schedule for days and times of the following classes.

Hydro Healing

Our Hydro Healing classes help burn fat, tone muscles and improve fitness levels in the safe and supportive environment
of the swimming pool where the water does the supporting
work, leaving you to exercise efficiently without pain.

Deep Water Aerobics

Deep water aerobics is a powerful non-impact workout.
Enjoy lots of fun movement using the unique resistance of the water. Floatation belts are available for buoyancy, and resistance tools will also be used. This great workout is easy on the joints

Shallow Water Aerobics (Aquafit)

These classes are extremely popular! They are designed
to improve aerobic endurance, build strength, and increase flexibility. Non-swimmers are welcome

Aqua Mind & Body

This class will use yoga, Pilates, and martial arts concepts to provide a soothing and energizing experience.

Aqua Interval

Get stronger with the support of the water. This class is a circuit training format with exercise stations.

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