Lap Swimmers! Let's Get It Started!
Mondays-Thursdays @McGrath for ages 16+

Masters Swim is a structured and coached lap swim program designed to help avid recreational and competitive swimmers improve their stroke, form, ability, endurance and stamina. While joining the Y's Master Swim Program is a great workout- it is also a way to meet like-minded fellow swimmers and new friends. The best part - swimming tones your whole body, and has the added benefit of being low impact!

  • Triathletes! Masters Swim will help you improve your triathlon swimming technique!
  • Be a part of a program that offers you highly motivated coaches and a chance to become (if you aren't already!) a competitive swimmer!
  • This program has a variety of days and times available for our swimmers (see below) at the McGrath Family YMCA. Swimmers pay for one month of coached lap swim at a time.
  • The McGrath Family YMCA Outdoor Lap Pool is heated, making lap swim available to you year-round!
  • For more information on the National Master Swim Program, please visit the USMS Homepage HERE.
  • F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Masters Swim offers a low-ratio workout and is a great way to spice up your fitness routine!

About or Master's Team Captain, Deanne:

I was first introduced to swimming as a child and continued swimming until I was about 13 years old. As a teenager I explored a range of other sports and activities and eventually began running. Running became a consistent part of my daily routine and I soon recognized and appreciated the overall good feelings it gave me. From general health improvements to stress relief, running helped me challenge myself and accomplish daily exercise goals. It also connected me with other runners who shared my passion for feeling healthy. We share our progress and keep each other accountable to our fitness goals. Talking to other athletes also increased my awareness of cross training and how sports like swimming and cycling can improve your performance. A close friend encouraged me to join her at a YMCA masters swim practice. I thought, " wow I haven't swam forever, I can't do that. Everyone will be so fast". Well, that wasn't the case, in fact what I learned was that it doesn't matter what pace or speed you swim at or your level of skill. The program is open to beginners through experienced swimmers. Everyone is always welcome at YMCA masters swim. I've gained great appreciation for the YMCA masters swim program and how it celebrates the fact that anyone can benefit from swimming at any stage in life. The program embraces each swimmer regardless of why they come to the pool. Whether you want to reconnect with the water, reach fitness goals or gain a competitive edge. The highly skilled and committed coaches at the YMCA swim masters swim program are here to welcome you and tailor a workout to fit your needs and make you feel great in and out of the water. The beauty of swimming is that helps you feel fantastic. We are all tremendously lucky to have access to such a beautiful pool as well as the year round support from the YMCA staff that run the masters swim program. I encourage you to simply try it and experience the beauty of the water and the confidence boost you will gain from just swimming.

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McGrath Family YMCA

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5:30 - 6:30AM
5:30 - 6:30AM
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