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Child Care Resources

Case Study: YMCA Childcare Resource Service
San Diego, CA

YMCA Childcare Resource Service is the child care resource and referral agency for San Diego County. YMCA CRS has been providing county wide child care referral services as a department of the YMCA of San Diego County since 1980. YMCA CRS is part of a state and national network of child care resource and referral agencies. Services include free child care referrals, web-based referral search, fee assistance programs, and consumer education materials on choosing quality child care. YMCA CRS collaborates with the local licensing agency to maintain a database of all licensed child care programs in the County. Considered the ‘go to’ agency for child care information and services, YMCA CRS assists local employers with a variety of services.

Small Companies: Provide a YMCA CRS Parent Services wall placard and consumer education packets on choosing child care. Provide free general child care referrals and links to community services.

Mid-size Companies: Offer a parent seminar package for purchase that includes a series of noon time seminars on topics for working parents, consumer education materials, Daily Parent newsletter, or other publications.

Large Companies: Contract to provide fee-based enhanced referral services for employees. Child Care Consultants work with parent to determine child care needs, conduct a child care search and provide a detailed list of child programs with available enrollment. Parents receive a customized resource packet of child care and parenting information. The Consultant continues to follow up with the parent until care is established. Enhanced referral services helps parents locate care quickly and can provide support for employees relocating from outside the county.

YMCA CRS attends employee fairs to provide on site child care referrals and consumer education materials.


If you would like more information on meeting the child care needs of your employees contact Marie Lopez Stewart via e-mail or call 619-521-3055 ext. 2306.