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2011 california

child care portfolio

Accessing affordable, quality child care has become even harder for working families as child care programs throughout California are closing their doors, according to the 2011 California Child Care Portfolio released by the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network.

2011 Portfolio Highlights -
San Diego County

Availability of licensed child care is declining, which poses challenges for working parents.
  • Licensed care is available for only 34% of children with parents in the labor force.
  • There has been a 5% increase in slots for child care centers but a 6% decrease in family child care homes.
  • 14% of child care requests are for non-traditional hours such as evenings, weekends or overnight care. Family child care homes are the programs that would most likely fill those requests.
Parents need child care to keep their jobs, find work, and get additional training/education.

  • 85% of parents with young children need full-time care
  • 60% of children have parents in the workforce (note that there are only slots available for 34% of children with parents in the workforce.)
Parents cite the following reasons for child care services:
  • 57% employment
  • 22% school or training
  • 24% search for employment
Increased poverty and lack of child care subsidies results in barriers to child care for low-income families.
  • 19% of children ages birth to 5 years are living in poverty
  • 9852 children are on waitlists to receive child care subsidy

View the full San Diego County report of the 2011 Portfolio.


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