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Secure Campus

Secure Campus is implemented when the threat of violence or police action in the surrounding community requires precautionary measures to ensure the safety of staff and students. When a campus is in SECURE CAMPUS status, classroom instruction and/or activity may continue as long as all classroom and office doors are locked and all students and staff remain inside through the duration of that event. Outer gates and other entrance/exit points can be closed (NOT LOCKED) to deter a potential perpetrator from entering school grounds.

This response is considered appropriate for, but not limited, the following types of emergencies:
  • Potential threat of violence in the surrounding community
  • Police activity in the surrounding community
A SECURE CAMPUS response may be elevated to LOCKDOWN in which case, instruction immediately ceases and students and staff follow LOCKDOWN procedures.

Secure Campus requires locking all classroom/office doors adn closing entrance and exit points on the school's perimeter. The objective is to protect against a potential community threat coming onto campus. Secure Campus differs from Lockdown in that it allows classroom instruction to continue.

Secure Campus:
  • Is intended to prevent a potential community threat from entering campus
  • Heightens school safety while honoring instructional time
  • Requires that all exterior classrom/office doors are locked
  • Requires that no one goes in or out for ANY reason
  • Requires that students and staff remain in Secure Campus status until ALL CLEAR is issued by administration
More information on SECURE CAMPUS procedures.