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Resources and Training


Resource is our middle name! YMCA Childcare RESOURCE Service. We have information from how to start your own child care to an archive of our quarterly newsletter the CRS CONNECT.

Check out how YMCA CRS can help you!

Be a Provider
Get the tools to be the best child care provider possible.

Community Links
More community resources.

Disaster Preparedness
Monthly tips and information on how to prepare for disasters or emergencies.

Resource Library
Borrow books, toys, and videos for child care programs.

Provider Update
Help us provide accurate and quality referrals to parents seeking child care by updating your information.


Get digital versions of the CRS Connect and various YMCA CRS Brochures.


Training Calendar
Search the calendar for workshops and training in San Diego County.

Self-Learning Modules
Complete these independent learning guides at your own pace.

Child Development Classes
Find links to community colleges and universities that provide early childhood education classes.

Health & Safety Training Agencies
These organizations provide CPR, first aid, and preventive health courses in San Diego County.

Parent Support Resources

Find links and resources on organizations that support parents.

Training Projects
Specific programs and services related to Child Care provider education.