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Stage 1
Frequently Asked Questions

By Families

If you have any questions regarding changes to your child care approved, contact your Welfare to Work Employment Counselor (EC) and make sure the correct activity was submitted to the child care worker.

When will my child care be approved?

Case is reassigned to new YMCA CASE MANAGER within the same week intake orientation and all requested documentation is received. Can take up to 30 days from application date to authorize care.

What is the difference between Stage 1 and Alternative Payment?
Stage 1 clients are new Welfare to work cases in need for child care services. Alternative Payment clients are either transferred from Stage 1 due to stability or transitions from other founding.

What happens at my intake?
See steps and important information about your intake here.

Why did my child care get discontinued?
Contact your YMCA Case Manager.

What will provider be paid?

How were the approved days and hours determined?
Child care hours were determined based on approval sent by the Welfare to Work Employment Counselor (EC) plus travel time before and after activity.

How does a parent change the days and hours needed for care?
Contact Welfare to Work Employment Counselor (EC) to update activity.

By Providers

How much will I be paid?


When will I get paid?

Payments will be processed 10 days from when the attendance sheets are received. (This is for backdated care or New cases) note that Provider can’t submit an attendance sheet without receiving a confirmation of care from the Case Manager. See Payment Schedule.

Why was the Attendance Sheet Returned?

Most often, there are errors to the attendance sheets that causes a delay in payment. Visit our Attendance Sheet Checklist to avoid payment delays.


Childcare Resource Service is a unique department at the Y. Whether you need help paying for care or if you need behavior support for your child, we are here to serve all of the San Diego community.

Looking for Child Care?

All licensed child care centers and family child care homes, nanny agencies and license-exempt school based programs are listed in our free referral database. Visit our CHILD CARE REFERRAL page or call 1-800-481-2151.

Children and Teens with Special Needs

Our REGIONAL CENTER RESPITE program gives families short-term relief from the continual care of the child with developmental disabilities. Also, TEENS IN MOTION is an after school program that provides supervision and support to high school students with disabilities who have working parents.

Health and Behavior

Our HEALTHLINE department provides health and behavioral health services to parents and child care providers of children birth to kindergarten enrollment or 6 years old.


We are committed to helping child care providers reach their fullest potential! If you are just starting out, or have been providing care for decades, we can help!

Resource and Toy Lending Library

Our comprehensive library includes books and videos on various topics such as child development, curriculum planning, and behavior and guidance. We also have educational toys available to lend to child care providers. To get started, visit Steps to Using the Library.

Training Calendar

Check out our Training Calendar for upcoming trainings and workshops around San Diego. Topics include but are not limited to The Business of Family Child Care, Agression Tantrums and Meltdowns, and Partnering with Families.

Disaster Preparedness

Are you prepared in the event of a major emergency or natural disaster? We send monthly tips on how your child care program can get ready and stay ready in case disaster strikes. Visit our Disaster Preparedness webpage for more information.


Stage 1 offices are co-located in three areas of San Diego (Downtown, Escondido, Oceanside). Appointments with your CRS Case Manager will take place at one of these three offices. Our payment office is located in our main Mission Valley Office. Contact Stage 1 HERE.
Alternative Payment