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Child Care Initiative Project

Open your heart, open your home.

How do I become a licensed family child care provider?

  • Attend a Community Care Licensing (CCL) orientation.
  • Attend basic health and safety training.
  • Obtain a criminal background check clearance.
  • Submit a licensing application to CCL.
  • Pass a CCL home inspection.

California Child Care Initiative Project can help with these steps by:

  • Providing support to meet California state licensing requirements.
  • Offering free training to improve your ability to care for children of different ages in topics such as:
  1. Operating a Strong Family Child Care Business
  2. Child Health, Safety and the Learning Environment
  3. Developmental Needs of Children
  4. Professionalism and Provider Support
  5. Caring for Infants and Toddlers

Participants who complete program requirements may be eligible to receive an incentive package that includes educational toys and child care and development publications. Incentives are dependent upon availability of funding.