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Program Requirements FAQs

Q1: Where can I get help completing my application packet?
Call CARES 1.866.CARES SD (1.866.227.3773), email [email protected], or make an appointment to meet with a coordinator.

Q2: Do I receive the stipend once my entry requirements are satisfied?
No. To receive a stipend, you need to satisfy program requirements by continuing to work in the same child care program for nine additional months and completing additional college coursework towards your CARES approved degree or higher level permit.

Q3: I am a Family Child Care Provider. Can I participate in AB212 CARES?
If you are a family child care provider participating in a EESD funded Family Child Care Network, you can participate. You will need to have your application signed by the representative of the FCC Network. When you become eligible to earn a stipend your Employment Verification Form will also need to be signed by the FCC Network staff.

Q4: I work in a center; what if our center closes for the summer?
You are required to work for nine months to receive payment. The number of months that your center is closed will be added to your nine months.

Q5: What if I quit my job before my nine months are completed?
If you are in at least your second year of CARES and move to another EESD funded center, you are still able to participate and earn a stipend. If you change to a center that is not funded by CDE/EESD, you will no longer be eligible to participate.

Q6: Which college courses count towards my stipend?
All participants are required to obtain a plan from their college detailing which courses are required to earn their degree. This plan must include 24 units of Child Development unless previously completed. CARES stipends are paid based on semester units. If you are attending a college that uses quarter units, those units will be calculated to semester units and you will be paid accordingly.