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Services for FAmilies

Biting, hitting and throwing tantrums are just a few behavior struggles for families. Unfortunately, these types of challenging behaviors are what prompt child care programs to expel young students. A nationwide study of expulsion rates in state funded preschool programs demonstrated that children are expelled at a rate of three times more than kindergarten students.

Challenging behaviors can often be resolved with simple strategies that develop social and emotional skills. Our team of experts can offer tools to use regarding your child's behavior at home or at their child care program that will help prepare in school and life.

Behavior Support Services

We offer a range of services to help your child get ready for school. Learn more HERE.

Respite Care

Provides families short-term relief from the continual care of their son or daughter with developmental disabilities. Learn more HERE.

Teens in Motion

An after school program that provides supervision and support to high school students with disabilities who have working parents. Learn more HERE.