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WHO ARE AP Families?

The Alternative Payment Program (AP) contracts with the California Department of Education, Child Development Division, to offer child care subsidies to parents who are low income and have a need for child care.

We assist families in identifying child care and other community resources that meet the specific needs of the child and family. Our staff and resources encompass a wide variety of cultural perspectives and language requirements of the families we serve.

How to apply for AP Program

If the applying adult in the family has been on cash aid within the last 24 months, has a need for child care services, and meets the income requirements, contact the Intake Unit at 619-474-4707 for an evaluation.

If the applying adult in the family has never been on aid, or was on aid more than 24 months ago, has a need for child care services, and meets the income requirements, submit an application to San Diego County Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) at www.childcaresandiego.com.


Parents and providers participating in YMCA CRS Alternative Payment Program must follow the Attendance Sheet guidelines, complete Attendance Sheets thoroughly and accurately, and ensure the following:

  1. Exact time is indicated at the time in for each day of care
  2. Middle section was used only for reporting additional time in and out of care within the same day such as when child attended school; The provider enters the time a school age child leaves or returns from school during the day.
  3. Exact time is indicated at the time out for each day of care
  4. Any Family Fees owed by and collected from the parent are recorded at the bottom of Attendance Sheet
  5. Any child absences or variations of approved schedule are explained in the comments column.
  6. Provider indicates invoiced amount/ payment expected for the child care provided.
  7. Provider invoices an amount consistent with their rates on file or the rates charged to non-subsidy families.
  8. Bottom of Attendance Sheet has a full signature and date from client and provider.
  9. Parent and provider use approved YMCA CRS Attendance Sheet; no other attendance record can be used.
Alternative Payment

Family Enrollment Process

Families are enrolled in the Alternative Payment program either through the San Diego County Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) or as transfers from the county.

CEL Enrollment Process

  1. A family's application becomes eligible from the CEL in rank order.
  2. The family receives a phone call, a letter in the mail, or an e-mail indicating that their application is eligible.
  3. The family attends an intake appointment.

Visit the CEL Website for more information.


Childcare Resource Service is a unique department at the Y. Whether you need help paying for care or if you need behavior support for your child, we are here to serve all of the San Diego community.

Looking for Child Care?

All licensed child care centers and family child care homes, nanny agencies and license-exempt school based programs are listed in our free referral database. Visit our CHILD CARE REFERRAL page or call 1-800-481-2151.

Children and Teens with Special Needs

Our REGIONAL CENTER RESPITE program gives families short-term relief from the continual care of the child with developmental disabilities. Also, TEENS IN MOTION is an after school program that provides supervision and support to high school students with disabilities who have working parents.

Health and Behavior

Our HEALTHLINE department provides health and behavioral health services to parents and child care providers of children birth to kindergarten enrollment or 6 years old.


Alternative Payment offices are co-located in two areas of San Diego (Mission Valley and National City). Appointments with your CRS Case Manager will take place at National City. Our payment office is located in our main Mission Valley Office. Contact Alternative Payment HERE.