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Alternative Payment

ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify?

You qualify if you are an adult family member who is working, attending vocational training, seeking employment, seeking housing, incapacitated, referred by a legally qualified professional, such as Child Protective Services (CPS), or are participating in CalWORKs, and your gross monthly income is within the State Median Income Level.

What services does Alternative Payment offer?

We are a parent choice program. Enrolled families can choose any licensed, or exempt from licensing, child care provider that best meets the educational and developmental needs of their child(ren). To receive payment for child care, the provider must meet basic program requirements and complete an agreement for services.

How long will I have to wait?

Waiting time varies depending on the availability of child care openings. We enroll in rank order, based on family size and income from the CEL. Unfortunately, we do not have enough funding to pay child care services for all eligible families.

How often do I need to update my application?

You must update your CEL application every six months by calling the CEL at 1-800-521-0560 or by logging on to your application at www.childcaresandiego.com. If you do not update your application with the most current information your family will be removed from the CEL.

How will I know that I have become eligible?

You will be contacted by phone, mail, or e-mail and asked to verify your income, need, family size, and other information to assure that your family falls within the income guidelines that Alternative Payment is currently enrolling.

I'm on welfare and can't afford child care. How can I get help?

Notify your county eligibility worker that you are in need of child care services.

Are there any programs other than YMCA Childcare Resource Service that can help me pay for child care?

When you apply to CEL, your name becomes available to all participating agencies that receive funding from the California Department of Education.