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Child Care

Complaints Against Staff

When a parent, child care provider, or community member has a complaint against a YMCA CRS employee, or about a level of customer service:

  • Staff refers the caller to a member of the R&R Management Team.
  • The R&R Manager documents the call and tries to resolve the issue.
  • The caller might be transferred to the Executive Director for further assistance.
  • The caller is advised of the right to more than one level of appeal.
  • The appeal process follows a specific chain of command until it is resolved in a manner that meets the needs of all parties:
  • Staff > Program Manager > R&R Department Head > Associate or Executive Director

If the complaint is against the agency:

  • The complaint is documented and referred to the YMCA of San Diego County.
  • The President/CEO of the YMCA of San Diego County, or a representative, contacts the complainant.
  • Complaints against the agency that involve child development statutes or regulations are referred to the Child Development Division (CDD) in Sacramento.
  • NOTE: Complaints regarding agency policy or staff behavior cannot be referred to CDD since they do not involve statutes or regulations.

A copy of the Uniform Complaint Procedures for complaints about agency violations of child development/education statutes is posted in the reception area of each office of the YMCA Childcare Resource Service.

Mail written complaints regarding a specific CDD program to:

Child Development Division
Complaint Coordinator
1430 N St. Suite 3410
Sacramento CA 95814