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Our members have some great stories, and we want to share them with you! This page is devoted to sharing the interesting and inspiring life experiences of our members. We're sure there are many stories out there, so we hope you'll fill us in. And please consider the many ways you can join us in helping to make a positive impact in the community. Learn more about volunteering and getting involved with your Y.

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Billy TusitalaBilly Tusitala

About a year ago, Billy Tusitala walked into the Y looking for a change. As a young teen growing up in San Diego, Billy wanted to be a part of something bigger. Unfortunately, that eagerness led him to a lifestyle of dangerous gang activity. See the full story.


Looking at a picture of Valerie from 2009, it’s hard to recognize the fit, active woman we see around the Y today. It’s been a long journey, but this woman has achieved what eludes many — weight loss worthy of a People magazine “Half Their Size” feature and a major turnaround in health. See the full story.