meet Valerie

half her size and twice as healthy

Looking at a picture of Valerie from 2009, it’s hard to recognize the fit, active woman we see around the Y today. It’s been a long journey, but this woman has achieved what eludes many — weight loss worthy of a People magazine “Half Their Size” feature and a major turnaround in health.

Six years ago, with a health history that listed blood pressure and cholesterol issues, Valerie weighed in at 199 pounds. Looking for help and inspiration, she joined the Y. Her fitness coaches set her up with a structured schedule that worked with her career, and soon, she was hitting the Y five days a week. The pounds started to come off — slowly. Motivated by YMCA water instructors, Valerie stuck with the exercise and began to change her eating habits.

All in all, she’s lost 90 pounds and credits the Y and a solid workout-buddy system for her success. She is now able to able to walk two miles nightly and is a regular at her favorite tai chi, yoga and water aerobics classes. Congratulations, Valerie, for achieving your goals and inspiring those around you!

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