Middle School PLAY Athletic League (MSPAL)

basketball kid

The YMCA Middle School PLAY Athletic League was born with several ideas in mind.

  • To create consistent middle school athletic competition that will build traits such as teamwork, leadership, self-esteem, and sportsmanship in our student athletes.
  • We put an emphasis on academics and character development, as we require athletes to have a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average and appropriate conduct grades in school to participate.
  • Athletic competition is part of the foundation of an active lifestyle and helps encourage healthy living. Aligned with our YMCA philosophy, the league will provide the environment necessary to develop the skills needed to reach the next level of organized sports, provide positive after-school programming at at-risk times of day, and provide a vehicle to develop our community leaders of tomorrow.


We work very hard to provide a venue for student athletes to take part in fair athletic competition. Our administration and staff want the best for everyone. We expect all participants and spectators to conduct themselves appropriately for a YMCA league. Please remember that the league is about the student athletes!

Swearing, obscene language, unsportsmanlike behavior, fighting, etc. either on or off the playing field by the players, coaches or spectators, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and these offenses can result in expulsion from the league or facility.

Spectator Code of Conduct

  1. Remain in the spectator area during competition.
  2. Let coaches coach.
  3. Keep comments positive to players, parents, officials, and coaches of either team.
  4. Cheer for your team, not against the other team.
  5. Show interest, enthusiasm and support for your child.
  6. Be in control of your emotions.
  7. Help when you are asked to be a coach or an official.
  8. Thank the coaches, officials and other volunteers who conducted the event.

Coach Code of Conduct

  1. Coaches must stay within their bench area when on the sidelines. One coach may enter the field at their team’s huddle during timeouts.
  2. All teams are represented by the head coach. The head coach is responsible for the conduct of players and fans. If a staff member/head coach is not present, their team will forfeit.
  3. On game day, each team will be allowed to have only 3 coaches: 1 head coach, 2 assistant coaches. Only the head coach is allowed to talk to referees.
  4. If a coach is ejected from a game, they will be suspended for the following game. A second ejection during the season will result in expulsion for the rest of the season.
  5. Game may be delayed and forfeited if participants, coaches or fans, do not act morally, ethically, or with the best interest of the youth.

Player Code of Conduct

  1. No player may show baiting, taunting acts, or words which endangers ill will.
  2. Any delayed, excessive, or prolonged act, by which a player attempts to focus attention on his or herself, will result in a possible ejection from the game or league. Furthermore, should a team display any of the misconduct stated above, the entire team will be subject to ejection from the game or league.
  3. Any player caught doing an unsportsmanlike act will be ejected and suspended from playing in the next scheduled game. If there is a second offense by the same player, they will be suspended for the remainder of the season. An unsportsmanlike act includes, but is not limited to:
    Refusing to shake hands, spitting on their hands before shaking hands, spitting on the opposing team/officials; intentionally bumping players of the opposing team/officials; taunting, baiting, or confronting the opponent, officials, coaches, or fans; showboating, swearing, or using inappropriate gestures at the opponent, officials, coaches, or fans; taking a swing at an opponent/official or fighting
  4. At the conclusion of every game, teams will congratulate each other by shaking hands and saying “good game.” All coaches and officials will observe the conduct of the players at this time.