Your Personalized Fitness Plan

At the YMCA, we are always looking for better ways to serve our members and help them reach their goals. That's why we are very excited to announce the launch of MobileFiT, our new fitness app! As a member of the Y, you now have free access to the MobileFiT system. You can use it to track your exercise progress and to interact with your coach or trainer.

Benefits include:

  • Automatically counts every step.
  • Hundreds of high-definition video exercise tips.
  • Set your goals and track progress.
  • Schedule appointments with your personal trainer and download prescribed workouts for a personalized fitness plan.
  • View all class and branch information.
  • Receive announcements and activity updates from your home branch.

Connect to MobileFIT

It's easy to start — and you've already got an account! See a staff member to get your user ID and password. Download MobileFiT in the App Store or on Google Play or access it on the MobileFit website.