Copley-Price Family YMCA proudly offers a variety of healthy activities to help you stay fit and keep you motivated. With a variety of choices, you are sure to find something that meets your interests and works with your busy schedule!

See below for links to PDF versions of our monthly class schedules for all facilities. Note: Schedules are subject to change and may be reposted throughout the month. Look for the post date to ensure you have the latest available schedule.


We offer more than 100 group exercise classes each week to meet the needs of seniors, adults, youth and families. Classes include a wide variety of cardio, strength and mind/body options. In addition to the classes offered in our four studios, we offer aquatic classes in our pools.

august 2017

Class Descriptions


Revised 7/3/17


These fun, power-packed class formats help you achieve and maintain your fitness level. Cardio classes are designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness, while Strength classes enhance muscular strength and endurance. Combination Cardio and Strength classes provide functional and integrated total body workouts to provide overall cardiovascular and strength conditioning. Classes may include the use of exercise tools, such as dumbbells, bands, Bosu, stability balls, body bars, resistance balls, and/or your own body weight.


A pre-choreographed full-body workout program from Les Mills, using light to moderate weights; performing high repetitions


Cardio Blast
A total-body, high-intensity cardio and strength workout
Cardio Kickboxing
Non-contact, high intensity boxing and kickboxing movements
Core Fit
Strengthen your abs, obliques, lower back and more in this core-focused class
Cardio workout to music on specially designed stationary bicycles. Workout towel required.
Extreme Fit
Rigorous boot camp circuits combining plyometrics, agility, strength and cardio exercises
Forever Fit
Chair-based fitness using seated and standing exercise
High intensity interval training
Kids Only Fit
5-12 age appropriate exercises; parent/guardian must remain in facility and sign-in is required
Kid Friendly Fit
5-12 age appropriate exercises; parent/guardian attendance required (participation encouraged)
High-energy choreographed workout that uses adjustable step — step board optional
Athletic hip hop dance fitness workout
Zumba®Combines unique Latin moves and rhythms to create an exciting dynamic workout
Zumba Gold®A modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower intensity


These classes will help you balance more than just the body. Learn the science of physical and mental rejuvenation through relaxation, flexibility, toning, balance, and concentration. Choose from a variety of yoga styles and ability levels, as well as Pilates and special population classes. If you are ready for an enriching experience that unites the mind/body/spirit, then step away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world and join us.
Chair Yoga
Enjoy the benefits of yoga utilizing a chair for support
Hatha Yoga
Series of traditional postures that release tension and stress.
Listen inward toward stillness during this guided practice
A sequence of carefully performed movements that strengthen the body, open joints and release tension
Power Yoga
Dynamic and challenging high-energy workout for experienced yogis
Restorative Yoga
Designed to revitalize the body and energize the spirit. Please bring a blanket or towel.
Tai Chi
Form of martial arts that builds strength and balance
Vinyasa Yoga
Series of poses that unite movement with breath


Jump in — these classes are suitable for everyone! The low-impact water environment allows exercisers to improve cardiovascular and strength conditioning while protecting joints and promoting joint flexibility. Feel the water’s resistance!
Aqua Fit
Low-impact water exercise in shallow water. Non-swimmers welcome.
Aqua Interval
A tough workout that utilizes intervals and high-intensity activity
Aqua ZumbaCSWater resistance with a Zumba philosophy offers a low-impact, high-energy aquatic pool party
Deep Water/Strength
Non-impact exercise in deep water with assistance of a flotation belt. Uses resistance equipment to strengthen your entire body
Hydro Healing
Gentle exercise designed to enhance joint mobility beneficial for participants with chronic health conditions