Camp Marston Evening Activities

Themed Counselor Hunt

A quest to save the Wild West! A mission to save the Rebel alliance, an Excellent Adventure with Bill and Ted or a hairy footed march to the gates of Mordor! Every Monday night we play to our theme. Campers join forces in their cabin groups to complete missions, solve problems and generally save the world!!! Monday nights are so much fun for everyone.

Candle Light Ceremony

A favorite activity of campers and staff a like, the Candlelight Ceremony brings the camp together on the last night of camp. Every camper is given their own candle which they then light from one of four colored candles that represent our core values. The red candle is for caring, green represents responsibility, blue for honesty and yellow signifies respect. When the camper lights their candle, they are setting a personal goal to improve and become a more caring, responsible, honest or respectful person. After the campers light their candles the entire camp stands in a triangle (symbol of the YMCA) on the upper field for closing remarks, view the beautiful stars, and sing a song.
At the end of the ceremony every camper keeps their candle as a reminder of their commitment and great camp memories.


Crazy camp songs, silly camp skits, outrageous stories and special claps are what make campfire so much fun. From the traditional Y-Cheer, to the Llama clap and the Bunny Fu Fu story; counselors take turns entertaining the campers and showing them what camp spirit is all about. Campfire is also when campers learn "Friends" our traditional end of the evening song, sung in both English and American Sign Language.

All camp Activities

Color Chaos (photos)

Every Wednesday something unlike anything else hits Camp Marston, COLOR CHAOS!!! All the campers and counselors are divided into color teams (example: pink, green, yellow, gray, orange), then they get dressed up in their team color, paint their face and learn their cheers. All morning they race around camp singing, cheering and participating in team events. Teams earn points for completing tasks and team spirit. It all starts with the famous balloon stomp and ends with water balloons.

Water Carnival (photos)

When things heat up, water carnival cools you down! We start with a few games- drip drip drop, pass the bucket, sponge pass - then finish with a wacky water fight. With cups of water and sponges for all campers who want to participate, the laughter can be heard all around. The fire hose sprays a cooling shower down over all the campers, forming rainbows and fun!