Summer Activities

Archery (Photos)

archerysummeractivitiesThis time-honored camp activity brings smiles to camper's faces. Our progressively tiered program (Yeoman, Bowman, Archer) allows each camper to be challenged and rewarded. Skilled instruction and quick improvement help all campers have fun at the Archery Range.

Marksmanship (Photos)

bbsummeractivtiesFort Marston is the site of our newest program area. We just finished rebuilding the air rifle range into one of the nation's finest. Campers learn responsibility and safety while handling our BB air rifles. Strict supervision and clear range rules help campers learn firearm respect and safety

Canoeing CLOSEDcanoesummeractivities

Unfortunately our Lake is closed for summer. We are hoping for lots of rain over the Fall season to get it filled back up to its former glory. Sorry!

Mooters (Photos)

What do you get when you cross a mountain bike with a skate board? Answer: MOOTERS! Our Mountain Scooter program is extremely popular. Challenger campers don protective equipment and scoot around camp, learning proper technique, then move on to more advanced downhill runs. At this time Explorers do not do Mooters. They will get the opportunity when they are a Challenger.

Field Games (Photos)fieldgamessummeractivities

Soccer, rugby, lacrosse, whiffle ball, cricket, even Australian-rules football all featured in our international sports clinic. Campers get a taste of all these different sports (and a few they already know too)


Campers learn to work together as they create a short feature film. These often hilarious productions are a great way to learn how to act in, and direct, a "very low budget production".

Slingshot Paintball (Photos)


Our newest Summer Camp activity harks back to the days of yore - but with a twist.
Campers learn to safely aim and shoot a paintball at a target (non - moving of course!!) on our custom built range.