LIT's - Leaders in Training

Ages 15-17 Grades 10-11

  • During our LIT program, teens learn what great leaders do and say.
  • Our LIT's are housed together, as their own community
  • The program makes time for camp fun like the Climbing Tower and Swimming
  • Our LIT's learn through leadership development workshops, practice and hands on activities

  • Our Leadership Coordinator acts as a mentor to all of our LIT Participants

During the second week:

  • Our LIT’s are assigned to assist with an Explorer Cabin group. This is the best way to practice new skills and learn
  • Every evening our LIT's come together to debrief and discuss what they have experienced and learned that day
  • LIT participants graduate the program with lifelong skills and life long friends

Successful graduates of the LIT program are encouraged to apply for the Camp Assistant program the following summer.