A Message from the Executive manager at YMCA Camp Surf

Welcome to YMCA Camp Surf! I am excited that you are partnering with us to help your child grow and develop both physically and emotionally. I believe that outdoor experiences provide critical building blocks for children and families. Camp is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and positively challenge both first time and longtime campers.

As an educator with over over 25 years of professional camping experience, I have enjoyed working with our team to develop programs at YMCA Camp Surf that are fun, hands on, teach important lessons in a safe and nurturing environment, and let kids be kids in the outdoors. I have seen thousands of children benefit from the camp experience and the letters, emails and phone calls supporting the positive outcomes of our programs is inspiring. I am also very lucky to see the positive impact camp has had on our own son Keaton. He has been a camper at both YMCA Camp Surf and YMCA Camp Marston and camp has played an important role in his life.

I often tell friends and family that working at camp is a lifestyle you have to choose. You have to be ready and willing to help out a counselor with a sick camper at 1:00 am or support a staff member that has received some bad news from home. I live on camp because that is what it takes to make sure a 24 hour a day program is operating effectively, safely, and providing life-changing outdoor experiences for everyone that attends.

Along with those 1:00 am phone calls comes the part of camp you live for: a letter from a single mom telling you how much more confident her daughter has become after going to camp on a scholarship; an email from alumni asking about a tradition they experienced 20 years our biggest advocate because that child cannot stop talking about the amazing time they had.

Camp is my home and I invite your family to share it with me and our many wonderful staff. Come and experience the outdoors, and I look forward to seeing you soon,


Zayanne Thompson
Executive Manager
YMCA Camp Surf