On Monday morning please bring completed:

Admission Sheet & Health History Form (included in Parent Guide)
Store money (cash or checks accepted)
Medications (in original container)

Morning Check-in:

An adult needs to sign in campers every morning with a staff member. Arrivals after 9:30 will need to sign in at the office.

Afternoon Check-out:

An adult needs to sign out campers every afternoon with a staff member. We will only release campers to adults that have been approved in writing on the Admission sheet. Photo ID is required.

(Summer Only) Friday Surf Carnival

Families are invited on Friday to join us from 2:45-4pm. You can sign in and head to the beach to watch the Surf Carnival at 3:15pm as day campers surf and body board. The entire family is welcome! Please know that Friday checkout ends at 5pm!

During Camp

Camp Store

  • Store money (optional) can be put on a store account at check-in on Monday. We recommend ~$20 per week for campers to purchase a snack and/or drink each day and souvenirs like a t-shirt, stuffed animal or drink bottle.

Contact at camp

  • Cell phones are not allowed. If your child has a concern, they can call you from the office.

Friends and siblings

  • Activities are by camper groups. All campers start and finish the day together in the Day Camp area. 1-3rd grade groups groups follow a different schedule than grades 4-7. Everyone eats lunch together.

Behavior at camp

  • We work with campers to accept responsibility and make positive choices. If behavior problems arise we will contact a parent.
  • Campers with behavior issues that persist or that negatively affect the experience for other children will be excused from camp (without a refund).

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