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Proven Safety Practices

We take child protection and safety seriously. We have specific, tested, policies and procedures for all staff that work with children. The following are some of our proven safety practices:

Our Staff

We require comprehensive pre-employment screening for all staff and volunteers, including interviews, reference and nation-wide criminal history checks. Staff are not allowed to see minor participants outside of our programs.


All children are under constant adult supervision, and YMCA staff are never alone with a single child. We use a “buddy system” with our campers. As part of effective 24-hour responsibility, YMCA staff reside within camper cabins.

Health Care & Safety

All program staff are certified in First Aid & CPR. Health Center facilities are maintained at each camp under the written direction of a licensed physician. At Camp Surf, a nearby Urgent Care Center and Coronado Hospital provide professional care if needed. At Marston and Raintree Ranch, the camp doctor’s office is 4 miles away, ambulance service is local, with our nearest hospital in Poway or Escondido.


Lifeguards are certified through either the YMCA and Red Cross (pool) or the United States Lifesaving Association ( for Camp Surf's ocean lifeguard service), and receive additional site-specific aquatic training. Children are never permitted in aquatic activities without lifeguards present.

Facility Management

Our camps are considered “closed environments”. Guests must be authorized, registered and supervised at all times.

Our camps are accredited by the American Camp Association