Online Registration Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a returning camper do I have to create a new profile?

  • No. Your family information and profile continue to be the same.

How do I get my user name if I have forgotten it from last year?

  • If you used the registration system last year your user name is now your email.

My password is not working, how do I retrieve it?

  • Just choose "forgot password" and we will email it to you automatically. Email will go to the email address you gave us when you registered last year, or you can give us a call at 760.765.0642.

I have been to camp before, but did not register online do I have a user name and password?

  • Yes. Your user name is your email address. Your password is automatically set to the first initial of your child's first name+first initial of their last name+date of birth (mmddyy), example for John Doe born 02/01/1968: JD020168.

Can I add another camper to my profile?

  • Yes, we have added this feature for your convenience. Login and and go to my family, on that page their is a blue button that says add a family member. Click that, enter your new campers information and click add name and they will be connected to your profile.

I have a promotional code how do I use it?

  • Promotional codes are entered once you have logged in and have chosen which camper you will be registering. Enter the program you want to register for (example- Surf Beachcombers) and enter the corresponding promotional code on the same page. Complete registration and drop it into your shopping cart.

Can I use more than one promotional code during registration?

  • It depends. Only one promotion per one week of camp can be applied. If you register multiple campers for multiple weeks in different programs you can use more than one promotional code.

The session I want to register for is full, how do I add my child to the wait list?

  • Select the program and complete the registration process. If no spaces are available you will be asked if you would like to be put on the wait list. Select yes and you will be added. Wait list campers are called in the order they were received, please have all contact information up to date so you do not miss a call from us.

If I choose a cabin mate, but my cabin mate does not choose me will we be in the same cabin?

  • Not necessarily, we only guarantee cabin mates when both parties choose each other. Due to age ranges and enrollment you may end up in the same cabin, but to guarantee it make sure that you request each other

If I know my camper does not get along with someone at camp can you guarantee they will not be together?

  • We will make every effort to separate campers to ensure everyone has a successful week at camp. At times it may not be possible due to age ranges and enrollment.