cabin Mate Requests

Attending any of our three camps with a buddy or two can really make the experience even more memorable. Here are a couple of things to remember when requesting buddies at camp:

  • Buddies should be close in age 12-18 months apart
  • Buddies should be requested by both parties
  • Coed buddy requests cannot be accommodated
  • Buddy requests cannot be granted for children in different programs. Program villages are located apart from one another.
  • To ensure cabin unity buddy groups should be 3 or less.
  • Spend time with your child to evaluate which friends will make good buddies and which friends they may need a short break from
  • Please contact the Summer Director at your camp if you have specific questions or requests.

    Contact: Nat at Camp Surf
    Contact: Tera at Camp Marston, or Shawn at Raintree Ranch