Program Goals and Outcomes

YMCA Camp Marston, Raintree Ranch and YMCA Camp Surf

We focus on much more than activities, classes, and fun.

We are dedicated to our Mission and Vision.
Our programs are designed with the following Goals and Objectives for all participants:

Goal: To develop self-confidence and self-respect and an appreciation of their own worth as individuals.

By the end of the camp experience, each participant will . . .

  • Be encouraged to try new experiences and be able to demonstrate a new skill or knowledge gained at camp.
  • Have an opportunity to “be themselves” and be able to give at least 3 examples of how camp and staff created a supportive and inclusive environment.
  • Be able to describe at least 2 things that they learned and how it will affect their life at school, work, home, or in the future.
  • By the end of the second day, campers will have set verbal or written goals for their experience, and by the end of the week they will be able to share what was achieved and how their counselors and cabin group helped them. (Summer Camp, Day Camp).

Goal: To develop a faith for daily living based upon Judeo-Christian teachings that may thereby be helped in achieving their highest potential as children of God: while being sensitive to respecting individual beliefs and including all people in YMCA programs regardless of their religion.

By the end of the camp experience, each participant will . . .

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the four YMCA core values and be able to describe where their personal strengths are.
  • Be able to share at least 3 examples of caring, honesty, respect, or responsibility that they practiced or encountered at camp.

Goal: To grow as responsible members of their families and citizens of their communities.

By the end of the camp experience, each participant will . . .

  • Be able to share new knowledge with family members and use camp as an opportunity to strengthen family relationships (group activities, family education, devotions, photo gallery, and family events).
  • Participate in a program element that focuses on the needs of others (in their family, community, or globally) and allows them to explain how they can take action to make a positive difference.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in a service learning project either on camp or in the community.
  • Be able to give examples of how camp made them feel welcome, how they helped others to feel like a part of the group, and how they could become more involved in camp in the future (other programs, volunteer opportunities, etc.)

Goal: To appreciate that health of mind and body is a sacred gift and that physical fitness and mental well-being are conditions to be achieved and maintained.

By the end of the camp experience, each participant will . . .

  • Have the opportunity for program choices which address the development of mind, body, and spirit and be able to describe why that balance is important.
  • Experience outdoor physical activity and be able to describe information they learned about fitness and physical health (water, healthy eating choices, sunscreen, safety, stretching, balance)
  • Parents will be able to learn and share ideas for health education while they are here or while their kids are at camp.

Goal: To recognize the worth of all persons, and to work for interracial and inter-group understanding.

By the end of the camp experience, each participant will . . .

  • Have multiple opportunities to build relationships and be able to describe ways to develop social skills and build friendships.
  • Participate in a discussion or activity focused on interracial or intergroup understanding and be able to express appreciation and discuss the importance of diversity. (Summer Camp, Day Camp, Outdoor Education)

Goal: To develop their capacities for leadership and use them responsibly in their own groups and in community life.

By the end of the camp experience, each participant will . . .

  • Have the opportunity to lead others and demonstrate positive communication skills for encouraging others, sharing ideas, and building friendships.
  • All adults will see themselves as role models and demonstrate behavior that is consistent with the mission and goals of the YMCA of San Diego County.

Goal: To appreciate the beauty, diversity, and interdependence of all forms of life and all resources which God has provided in their world, and to develop and ethical basis for guiding the relationships of mankind with the rest of God’s natural community.

By the end of the camp experience, each participant will . . .

  • Have intentional interactions with the natural world away from technology and “modern” life, and be able to describe a positive experience they had in the natural environment.
  • Be able to give at least 3 examples of environmental stewardship at camp and share ideas of ways they could improve stewardship at home, work, or school.
  • All staff and camp departments will model and interpret responsible environmental behavior in our actions, planning, and purchasing.
  • Develop an awareness of the ability to make educated decisions in daily life and discuss possibilities for positive environmental choices at school, home, and globally.