Camp Surf Projects

New camper cabins $130,000

Sponsoring a new cabin will provide 16 beds for campers tat include insulated walls, solar tube lighting, dual pane windows with storage space for camper belongings and surfboards. Name a cabin after your family!

Artificial Turf Play Field, $90,000

Our field is used by all of our programs for team-building, games, and the summer carnival. The poor grass quality makes sports and activities difficult. Artificial grass would provide a better surface and also conserve water. Project includes grading and installation of artificial turf.

Lifeguard-themed play area $ 25,000

Refurbished lifeguard towers are the centerpiece for climbing, bridges, observation deck, ship wheels, and binoculars to channel energy and creativity for campers of all ages!

Team-building course $10,000

Provide materials to build low-ropes and team-building initiatives to be used to help young people build on communication and problem-solving skills while having fun!

New Campfire Pits for Beach Camping $3,200

Beach camping is extremely popular, serving over 7,000 children annually. Old fire pits are crumbling and in need of replacement at a cost of ~$400 each.

Skateboards, padding, helmets, $200 each

Help sponsor this popular program at Camp Surf! A gift of $200 will supply one complete unit for a camper to learn or practice safe skating.