Marston Projects

We always have some cool projects in the dream stage. Please contact Tom Madeyski, 760-765-0642 if interested in helping camp and the children with project sponsorship.

Mountain Scooters & Padding/Equipment, $350 ea.

The hottest activity at Marston! "Mooters" are a hybrid of a mountain bike and ol' fashinoned scooter. The kids love them, we can use up to 10 more.

Benches & Shade Areas, $500 to $5000

Camp is a social place, where kids make lasting friendships. By creating comfortable gathering places, we facilitate fellowship. You can sponsor a bench, shade project, and even have you name placed there ("this grove sponsored by the Smith family").

New Tee Pee at Lake Jessop, $4400

We once had tee-pees at the north end of the lake, a favorite place for groups to gather, cabin group overnights and more. We'd love to see them there again, adding to the magic of camp.

Shade Shelter(s), $8,000 to $12,000

Install professional grade shade shelters at the Ga-Ga pit and at the new Sport Court.

Explorer Village Campfire / Amphitheater, $80,000

The old campfire area between Lodges 2 & 3 definitely needs work. The old RR ties are falling down and there is no stage or focal point. Our vision is to build a “theater in the round”, installing benches in a horseshoe pattern around a deck/stage and fireplace.

Whole House Fans, $1,200 x8

Marston lodges get very hot in summer. $1200 per lodge, 8 are needed.

Platform Tent Village, $95,000 x8

Construct 4 platforms, purchase tents, central gathering gazebo and campfire area for our Leadership Development Campers. New village will be located near the archery range.

Holmes Lodge Refurbishing, $50,000+

Such a great old building, such potential. Install pine-board siding, repair dri-wall, new lighting, repair floors, add meeting amenities.