Camp Surf Capital Projects
McKinney Dining Hall

McKinney Oceanfront Center

Building the future

It is an exciting time at Surf! Our partnership with the U.S. Navy continues to be strong, a relationship we are thankful for each & every day.

YMCA Camp Surf is a precious resource to the children of San Diego. The 45-acre parcel is situated on land owned by the United States Navy. With this incredible setting, the YMCA and many non-profit, civic organizations have been positively impacting children and families since 1969!

Camp staff and board members have created a vision to sequentially and carefully replace many of the old camp buildings, working with the Navy and following best practices for building and land management plans.

The recently completed McKinney Oceanfront Center is a dining and meeting facility that serves the community and over 12,000 kids and family members each year.

We are finishing the first phase of cabin replacements in mariner village and raising funds to rebuild our remaining cabins. Naming opportunities are available for $140,000!

To hear more of our vision, please contact:

Zayanne Thompson, Camp Surf Director, 619-423-5850 x207

Tom Madeyski, Executive Director, 760.765.0642 x007