iCARE - Putting the Green in Responsibility

This holiday season, give a meaningful gift to your kids, your family, and your community by doing something to help the planet.

  • Buy a real Christmas tree! Real Christmas Trees are biodegradable, which means they can be easily reused or recycled for mulch and other purposes. Plus they reduce global warming while they are growing! Our San Diego climate also makes living trees an option that we can plant after the holidays.
  • Recycle your Christmas tree. Go to the following website for locations: www.sandiego.gov
  • Lower your energy use and save money this winter. www.earth911
  • Change your holiday lights to LED bulbs – One LED bulb produces 450 pounds of CO2 emissions/year compared to 1050/year fro CFL bulbs and 4,500 pounds/year for incandescent light bulbs. LED bulbs do not contain mercury, which is highly toxic to people and the environment, like CL bulbs. www.energystar.gov
  • Recycle old electronics. New purchases may leave us with older computers, cell phones, chargers and other electronics that we no longer want. If you cannot find a new home for your old technology, you can make sure the components are recycled and disposed of safely. search "San Diego e waste" for current options.