Summer Jobs at Camp Marston

General Camp Counselor

This position is where the action is. Working directly with the kids in your cabin you will learn leadership skills and responsibility while having the time of your life. Working with a Co-counselor you will be responsible for an average of 10 children. Your main job is general cabin supervision and teaching skill clinics. You could be belaying at the climbing tower, teaching drama class and going on a nature hike one week. Playing basketball, helping at boating and playing cricket the next. It is very hard work but the rewards last a lifetime.

Marksmanship Leader

In this position you are responsible for the operation of our Air Rifle Program. You will be responsible for teaching a progressive program, which instills self-confidence through the learning of new skills. This program must stress safety at all times. You will maintain the equipment and care for the range as well.

Leadership Positions

Challenger Coordinator (10-12 year olds)

In this position you will assume responsibility one of the largest villages, or about twelve cabin-groups equaling 120 campers. Each cabin will have two counselors for supervision. You will be responsible for supervising counselors, writing schedules, and coordinating with other camp leaders to facilitate a smooth running camp. The Challenger Coordinator will work closely with the other Challenger Coordinator to create a program that is safe & fun. Children will grow in both self-esteem and develop their character through your hard work.

Explorer Coordinator – (7-9 Year olds)

You will assume responsibility for a Camp Village of six cabins or 60 Campers. Each cabin is assigned of two counselors. This younger village provides children with that all-important “first taste” of camp. The counselors stay with their cabin groups, leading them through each activity. You are responsible for writing schedules, supervising staff, and working with other leaders to provide a smooth running camp operation.

Waterfront Coordinator

This position requires attention to detail. You are responsible for the lake waterfront & swimming pool. You organize continual training for five to seven lifeguards and help in training all staff on safety procedures around the water. Youwill write schedules for two areas and help run evening activities. You work closely with other coordinators to “fill the gaps” when more supervision is needed. It is a multifaceted position with serious responsibilities. Candidates are preferred with experience in aquatics, but we will train & certify the right person.

LIT / CA Coordinator

In this position you are responsible for implementing our leadership programs for junior staff. You will need to be creative, motivating, responsible, and able to multi-task. You will help the junior staff fulfill their responsibilities in a caring and empowering way. You need to be organized and energetic to keep up with these outstanding young people as they learn the ropes of what makes camp work.

Mountaineers Coordinator (13-17 year olds)

You are responsible for leading our one-week teen program. You will supervise four to six staff members and up to 40 teens. You will write schedules, plan meals, and make reservations for day trips and over nights out of camp. You should provide a challenging and safe environment for our teens to grow and bond. The Mountaineers Coordinator must have a clean driving record and be placed on camp insurance.

The Master of Fun and Games (MFG) - All Camp Activities Specialist

This position is responsible for the following:

Color Chaos – This begins on Sunday with an exciting and original activity challenge between counselors. Each day there will be a small chaos activity challenge and on Wednesday: COLOR CHAOS. This involves the campers being divided into teams and rotations of exciting and imaginative team events. This is a huge and challenging part of the MFG position.

Responsible for implementing engaging evening activities – our all camp activities which occur 2-3 times a week – Campfires, Super Cabin Bonanza(like a skit night!), Lord of the Rings night, Super hero challenge, Pirate Quest – lots of themed all camp counselor hunts that occur on Monday, Tuesday nights.

Assisting other coordinators in their day to day tasks – scheduling, supervision and camper discipline.

This person needs to be very creative and organized and have a passion for leading large groups of adults and children.

An attention to detail is a must.

Logistics Coordinator

This position requires someone that is highly organized, motivated and able to be on YMCA Insurance and drive camp vehicles.

The "LC" is responsible for all weekends at camp. This program is called Hold overs. The LC position will create and implement a schedule for Friday night and Saturday for the 20-50 campers that are staying over for the weekend. During this time the LC will be responsible for staff supervision, camper supervision and LAUNDRY.

This position is also responsible for Climbing Tower maintenance and scheduling as well as coaching and training staff belayers during staff training and where necessary throughout the summer.

During the week the LC will assist with logistics for the Mountaineers program including driving and packing equipment and at times assisting where necessary with supervision of staff and campers.

When time permits through the week the LC will make themselves available for team building opportunities for cabin groups at the low ropes course. This will be on a sign up basis and the LC will need to be able to train staff and children in the ins and outs of teambuilding.

LC will have Tuesday night until Thursday morning off, as their ‘weekend’, every week.


This position is responsible for taking photos and video daily of campers at Camp Marston and Raintree Ranch. They are responsible for uploading and editing photos/videos every evening to the Bunk one/Face book and you tube sites/folders. The position is also responsible for weekly slideshows for all camp and parents. This position is responsible for taking, creating and storing all photos and videos throughout the summer. The person must have an excellent knowledge/experience with photo and video editing software and equipment and an ability to take great photos on a consistent basis.

The Bunk one position also assists with our bus run on Sunday and Friday.