Description of the Camp Counselor/Ocean Lifeguard Role

Personal growth. Physical fitness. Mental fortitude. Team attitude. YMCA Camp Surf will help you use, build and experience all of these. If you think you're ready, check out the details...

Personal Growth: YMCA Camp Surf is dedicated to healthy living. We offer an alcohol, tobacco and drug free facility for all of our guests and campers and expect staff to adopt this healthy way of living as well – this includes on your time off.

Physical Fitness: You must be capable of swimming 550 meters (600 yards) in OPEN WATER, without a wetsuit, in less than 10 minutes. Additionally, candidates must be capable of completing a 1.6 kilometer (1 mile) beach run in under 8 minutes. There will also be many other physical criteria such as a long paddle board workout and a few run-swim-run workouts. Stop and think right now, and please, be honest with yourself; are you ready RIGHT NOW for the intense physical challenges that YMCA Camp Surf Lifeguard training demands? If not, can you be ready BEFORE you get here?

Mental Fortitude : Upon completion of Lifeguard Training, we will focus on your experience and energy in working with kids of all ages and your commitment to give everything to those campers for 10 solid weeks. Learning about different campers' needs; discovering how to live in close quarters; developing new skill sets; all of these and more will test your mental stamina. With only one day off a week and one hour off per day, you basically have enough time to shower and enjoy a cold soda before returning to work. If you live to surf, get ready to share your passion with others and live through their experience; when you are in the water with your campers, you are helping others surf, NOT catching any waves yourself!

Team Attitude: While the strength and ability of each individual is critical, Camp Surf is successful at nurturing growth, developing communities and encouraging social responsibility only through team work. Individuals are important, because they make up a team. Camp Surf staff are trained to a very high standard. Not only will you learn new physical skills and learning strategies, you will form friendships that will last the rest of your life.

The bottom line:I know we have painted a harsh picture – here is the flip side: You will make the most amazing friends, you'll feel a sense of purpose by working with kids of all cultures and backgrounds, and you'll have amazing fun all the while. It is hard work, but more rewarding than any other single thing you've ever committed to!

2012 Ocean Lifeguard Training