Camp marston and raintree ranch Food philosophy, Allergies, and Special diets

Healthy Living - Meals and Dining Experience

Delicious, nutritious, home made meals are the focus of the YMCA Camp Marston and Raintree Ranch kitchens! Environmental stewardship is also important. Camp and school programs eat family style to promote conversation and community. Our weekend guests eat buffet style to support positive smaller group and parent/child interactions. Healthy choices are available for all appetites, from little campers to adults!

Please Contact Kara Gentry, the Food Services Director for Camp Marston and Raintree Ranch at 760-765-2061 or [email protected] at least 2 weeks prior to your visit to discuss:

  • Dietary concerns
  • Menus during your visit or your child's visit
  • Specific questions regarding our food products

We pride ourselves on our family style home cooked meals and in meeting your dietary needs. Our staff are adept at accommodating special dietary requests. Please do your best to inform us at least 2 weeks in advance of your visit. Please contact Kara Gentry our Food Services Director, with any concerns you may have.