Marston 1970's

1971 was a significant year for Y-Camp Marston! George Jessop Jr., Chairman of the Camp Committee, advised the Y Board of Directors that the Pine Hills Mutual Water Company had decided to sell some of their property adjoining Camp Marston. Thanks to George's wisdom and initiative, 17 acres of land and Lake Jessop were purchased for the enjoyment of thousands of campers

In 1970, Valentine Hoy was promoted to Associate General Director of the San Diego YMCA. He was replaced by Harvey Sims, who hired Ed Greaves as Summer Camp Director in 1972. Doug MCalla served as Program Director. Jeff Wohler was hired to facilitate winter groups. Also in 1972, the Camp Committee determined that owning horses at Marston was no longer feasible, and the horses were sold. Marston has a long history of horseback riding, a program that was moved to Raintree Ranch in the 1970's.

One of the most famous and loved staff members of Marston, Floyd "Fats" Crowe, retired in May of 1973. Staff and campers alike would travel to Julian just to visit with Fats.

In 1973, Lake Jessop once again went completely dry (as it has again in 2005 & 2007). An engineering study determined that water loss was as follows:

46 percent to evaporation

33 percent to ground-seepage

21 percent to plant transpiration

On January 5, 1974, a severe snow storm hit Marston, knocking down power lines, trees and breaking gas lines. School Camp groups had to cancel, and County Honor Camp volunteers helped with the clean up


In 1974, the County Office of Education reported to the Y that they were creating a new camp, Fox, and would no longer utilize Marston. Thousands of San Diegans, now adults, recall their days at 6th-Grade School camp from those years. The withdrawal caused financial hardship, but also sewed the seeds for today's thriving Outdoor Education program.

Summer 1974 saw Dave Glassey, his wife Becky, Ed and Ginger Greaves and William Lane in key leadership roles. A new 21-day Leader-In-Training program was created.

Also in 1974, Captain Bill Fargo, Chairman of the Camp Committee orchestrated a project by the US Navy SeaBee Construction Battalion to re-countour the lake basin, deepen the lake, add a clay-layer and remove vegetation.