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We are proud to be part of the National YMCA movement. If you are interested in seeing some of the Y's rich history watch this great series produced for the Y's 150th anniversary celebration.
YMCA 150 Anniversary Celebration Video

90 years of success in overnight camping

YMCA overnight camping has been at it for 90 years and is stronger than ever. We are proud of what we have a accomplished in 9 decades and are ready to do even more for the next 9. Checkout what we've been up to:
  • Ed Fletcher surveys 2 acres for a possible summer work camp for boys in 1921
  • George Marston commissions first summer that same year and Pine Hills Camp for Boys opens
  • Fees for camp were $10 and $1.50 for transportation
  • In 1928 the camp is named after the founder of the San Diego YMCA George Marston, a prominent business man
  • In 1929 the camp grew to 17 acres and then to 58 in 1944
  • The 1950's were extremely busy, Holmes lodge, the A frame cabins and wells were built
  • In 1959 San Diego Count Office of Education contracted with Camp Marston and the first outdoor education programs started at camp
  • In 1966 co-ed programming was introduced at camp, during the 60's the pool was also built
  • In 1967 eighty additional acres were added to the camp property
  • 1969 YMCA Camp Surf opened it's doors thanks to the valiant efforts of the Capt. Bill Fargo- board chair, Val Hoy- Executive Director of Camping and Dick Mason- Founding Camp Director
  • Raintree Ranch was purchased in 1969, creating a permanent home for horse programming
  • The 1970's saw an ex plosion of growth and expansion at Marston and Surf
  • In 1990 the current Executive Director of all 3 camp, Tom Madeyski was hired
  • 1998 saw a historic achievement with the signing of a 50 year lease between the United States Navy and YMCA Camp Surf
  • From 1990 up until today we have had the most successful years of camping since we started. A dynamic staff team coupled with a gifted and generous board have built a solid financial and programmatic foundation with quality facilities at all three sites

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