1. FAMILYSTART required for families with children 7-12 years of age before they use the wellness center. Children 7-12 years old must be supervised by parents while in the wellness center.

2. Teens 13-15 years old are required to complete a wellness orientation before use of the wellness center.

3. Please limit yourself to 30 minutes on cardio equipment while others are waiting. Please use the sign-in board by the treadmills and cross training machines. Wellness floor staff may assist you.

4. Please wipe down equipment after use using spray bottles & towels provided.

5. Please refrain from cell phone use in the facility. Cell phones are prohibited in the locker rooms.

6. Photography is never permitted in the Y.

5. The Border View Family YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave your valuables at home.

7. Food and beverages, other than water (i.e. coffee, soda, juice, etc.), are not allowed in workout areas of the Border View Family YMCA.

8. Correct athletic footwear (no open toed shoes) and exercise attire must be worn. Street clothes (i.e.: jeans, etc.) may not be worn while using any fitness equipment.

9. A shirt must be worn in the facilities at all times. No mid-drifts showing.