1. Membership privileges are extended to all 7 years and older. The Y requires children 12 and under to have adult supervision at all times.

2. In order to gain access to our facility, members must present their membership card or a valid photo ID. There is a $10 fee for replacing lost/stolen cards.

3. Expired/canceled memberships will be subject to repayment of the joiner’s fee unless transfer or renewal occurs within 30 days.

4. YMCA members and guests are expected to abide by the Membership Code of Conduct. The Border View Family YMCA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to revoke or suspend membership privileges for unacceptable behavior or violation of the YMCA policies.

5. All memberships are continuous and payment is done through an automatic draft via bank or credit card. Memberships will stay in effect until the Y receives written notice of changes/cancelation 10 days prior to the draft date. A $10 service fee will be applied for all accounts returned, unpaid, closed or payment stopped.

6. Members that age out of their current membership type will automatically be renewed at the appropriate membership type.

7. Memberships with a scholarship will expire one year from their join date and will continue to be expired until a new scholarship application is approved and the membership is renewed.