Who is watching my child?

Our camp staff are hired directly from our after-school programs. Each of our staff have been background checked through the Department of Justice, have current certifications in CPR and 1st Aid, and have attended over 24 hours in trainings.

What is ACA Accreditation?

ACA stands for the American Camp Association and they have developed a rigorous and in depth set of standards that only the best camp programs can achieve. Camps that meet this criteria can be awarded with an ACA Accreditation. This is extremely important in the camp world, because (unlike after-school care) there are no government agencies or government regulations overseeing day camp programs.

What should my child bring to camp?

While we provide fun experiences and memories that will last a lifetime, there are some highly recommended items that campers should, and should not bring to camp. Campers should bring a non-perishable lunch, a bottle of water with their name on it, sunscreen, and a backpack/bag to carry it all in. Campers also need to wear closed toed shoes for active play and dress ready to get wet and dirty when they play hard. If their camp is swimming, they should also bring a swimsuit and towel.

Campers should leave the following at home: all electronic items (including: music
players, cell phones, and video games), jewelry, toys, card games, pets, and money (teen camps may recommend small amounts of spending money for certain activities).

Weapons, drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited at camp.

Please note that the Y is not responsible for any items that are lost, stolen, or broken and will not provide reimbursement for personal items.

When can I drop my child off?

Each of our locations opens as early as 6:00 AM. We recommend dropping your child off by 8:30 AM, as some of the field trips may leave as early as 9:00 AM.

Can I drop my child off at a different location than where their camp is located?
We apologize, but we do not offer shuttle service at this time. Campers need to be dropped of and picked up at the camp location where they have been registered.

Can I get an age exception for my child?

We do not do age exceptions. Our camps are specifically designed to accommodate certain age groups. Campers need to be within the age range specified on the first day of that camp session in order to participate in that camp.

What happens if we miss the bus?

If circumstances or appointments cause you to miss the bus, you may either meet your child’s camp at their destination, or we will find an alternative on-site camp to care for your child until their camp returns.

When should I pick up my child?

You may pick your child up from camp at any time before 6:00 PM, even at off-site
locations. We recommend that you plan to pick your child up after 4:00 PM. We try to have all camps that are on field trips back by 4:00 PM.

What happens if I pick my child up after 6:00 PM?

Our camp closes at 6:00 PM. Campers left after 6:00 PM will result in a late pickup fee of $1.00 per minute, per child. Campers left after 6:30 PM may be released to the authorities or child protective services.

Does the Y provide breakfast, lunch or snacks for my child?

Sorry, but we do not provide meals for campers. Campers should eat a nutritious breakfast before being dropped off for camp and bring a health non-perishable lunch each day. Please note that we do not have the capacity to refrigerate or heat lunch items. We do, however, provide an afternoon snack item at approximately 4:00 PM each day.

When do the campers have lunch?

Our lunch times are very flexible and vary depend on the activities your child’s camp has for that day. The standard timeframe for lunch is for approximately 30 minutes between the hours of 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. If a camp is going to have a late lunch, they typically give the campers an opportunity to have a snack from their lunch in the morning.

I have the camp schedule, but today’s activities were different, why?

All camp activities are subject to change. The camp schedules are created far in
advance of the actual camp dates and there are numerous unforeseen factors, such as weather, traffic, and illnesses that force us to reschedule our original plans. We
apologize for all inconveniences this can cause, and we understand how this can be frustrating at times. If you have special pick-up/drop-off needs we recommend
checking with our front desk staff to see if they are aware of any changes in the

What happens when there is extreme weather?

Our camps are designed to operate outside for the majority of each day. If there is a light rain, we will likely remain outside and continue our regular activities. In the event of heavy rain, we have indoor locations that we can utilize, however this will likely disrupt our scheduled camp activities. In the event of extreme heat, we will attempt to keep the children inside and hydrated. This will also likely disrupt the regularly planned schedule. To avoid heat-related incidents please pack campers with a water bottle and sun screen.

Why is there an additional waiver for my child?

Some of our camp partners require their own waiver for children attending their
facilities (e.g. rock climbing, ice skating, etc.). This waiver must be completed in order for that facility to allow your camper to participate. We will have waivers available the morning of the trip. Additionally, you can save time that morning by downloading the appropriate waiver from our web-site, completing it, and bringing it to camp.

What if my child needs to take medication during camp?

We are happy to assist with your camper’s needs. All medication must be doctor
prescribed, in its current prescription packaging. Check the medication in when you drop your child off and be sure to complete our Medication Release Form.

Camp is so amazing for kids, how can I help other kids come to camp?!

The Y provides scholarships to kids to attend camp every session. This is done through the generosity of our community. If you wish to help kids attend camp, please go to our web site at www.southbay.ymca.org and click the Giving button!

What happens if my child gets sick or injured?

All campers who are too ill to attend camp should stay home for the day. We
apologize, but there are no refunds or credits for days missed. If your camper becomes sick or injured while at camp, we will do everything we can to assist them and make them comfortable. Parents will be notified when campers are too ill or hurt to continue their day. For minor scrapes and bruises camp staff will complete an “ouch report” to notify parents of the injury at pick-up.

What are your sign-in and out procedures?

For the safety of your camper, all campers must be signed in by an adult when dropped off at camp. When picking up your camper please bring a photo ID as our camp staff will be checking your identity with the list of persons you listed on the registration form as authorized to pick your camper up. Campers must be signed out by an authorized adult.

What if I need someone who is not on my authorized list to pick-up my child today?

We would be happy to add that person to your list for the day at the time you drop off in the morning. You can also call us during the middle of the day and we can add them to the list after we verify that you are authorized to do so. If you would like to
permanently add the individual to the pickup list please also call our YMCA front desk to add the individual into our computer system.

How many staff are watching my child?

Our camps range in size from 10 to 60 campers and we staff appropriately according to the number of campers enrolled and the following ratios of campers to staff:

Camper AgeStaff:Campers
6 - 8
9 - 14
14 - 17

I need to get a hold of my camper, who should I call?

Each camp location has a phone on site, your camper may not be immediately available, but leave a message and we will relay the information to them.

Clear View: 619.971.0860
Olympic View: 619.971.0857
Goodrich Teen Center: 619.421.8805

I have more questions, where can I get the answers?

For registration information: (619) 428-9622

Specific camp questions for Ages 5-12:

Courtney Baltiyskyy

Camp Director

[email protected]

(619) 421-9622 ext 14239